Comfort station - Darcom-740

Darcom – 740

The DARCOM-740 is a revolutionary comfort station with excellent efficiency and its own running water. It can be used summer and winter at festivals, day camps, etc. Sturdy and with exceptionally good finishing, the DARCOM-740 will last for many years. Because of its transport flexibility, it will make operations much easier. The model for men has two toilets, 1 urinal, and two washbasins. The model for women has 3 toilets and two washbasins.

• An electrical panel
• Five electric outlets
• Lighting with protector
• Electric baseboard
• Steel door 34’’ x 80’’
• Washable Walls and ceiling
• Mirrors
• 10 toilets
• 6 sinks
• 4 urinals
• Ventilation units
• External adaptor for waste and fresh water is possible

• Security bars on doors
• Security lock
• Electrical panel compatible with generator
• Air conditioner
• Coloured vinyl tiles
• Exterior lighting
• Water heater tank
• Hand soap dispenser
• Hand paper dispenser