Cafeteria - Darcom-341

Darcom – 341

The DARCOM-341 is an innovative and ecological cafeteria with extraordinary transport flexibility. You can use it on construction sites or for employees on the grounds of your business. The DARCOM-341 can seat 12 people quite comfortably. Advanced concepts can be elaborated on the base model to meet your particular needs for a multifunctional space.

• An electrical panel
• Four electric outlets
• Lighting with protector
• Electric baseboard
• Steel door 34’’ x 80’’
• 3 sash windows
• Walls and ceiling of vinyl covered lauan
• Floor of painted and varathaned plywood

• Security bars on door and windows
• Security lock
• Electrical panel compatible with generator
• Walls and ceiling of varnished pine panelling
• Coloured vinyl tiles, vinyl or linoleum flooring
• Air conditioner
• Fire extinguisher
• Exterior lightings and outlet