Construction site office - Darcom-440

Darcom – 440

The DARCOM-440 is an innovative and ecological construction site office with extraordinary transport flexibility. It is twenty feet long and designed to stand up to the most rigorous construction requirements. Like all our other models, the DARCOM-440 has the same characteristics of watertightness, sturdiness, and lasting quality. Advanced concepts can be elaborated on the base model to meet your particular needs for a multifunctional space.

• An electrical panel
• 8 electric outlets
• Lighting with protector
• Electric baseboard
• Steel doors 34’’ x 80’’
• 4 sash windows
• Walls and ceiling of vinyl covered lauan
• Floor of painted and varathaned plywood
• Office space with pocket door
• 30’’x 80’’ (may change from image)

• Security bars on door and windows
• Security lock
• Electrical panel compatible with generator
• Walls and ceiling of varnished pine panelling
• Air conditioner
• Fire extinguisher
• Exterior lightings and outlet