Comfort station - Darcom-710

The DARCOM-710 is a revolutionary and remarkably efficient comfort station that can be connected to a water supply. It also has a storage reservoir that can supply it independently with running water using Darcom Innovations’ ecological filtration system. It can be used summer or winter for festivals, day camps, etc. Robust and finely finished, the DARCOM-710 will serve you for many years. It is easily moveable, which facilitates its uses. The model suggested for men has one toilet and one sink, and that for women has one toilet and one sink.

• Dimensions 8’x10’
• Electric panel: 60 amps, 120/240V ca
• Electric heating
• Lights with protectors
• Steel doors 34’’ x 80’’
• Washable walls and ceiling
• 2 toilets
• 2 sinks
• Ventilation units
• An external adapter for using water according to your specifications

• Security gates for the doors
• Security bars
• Electric panel of 100 amps transferable to generator
• Air conditioner
• Dragon-style ceiling fan
• Vinyl siding
• Hot water heater
• Soap dispenser
• Paper towel dispenser
• Hand dryer
• Mirrors
• Exterior LED lighting