Sleeping quarters - Darcom-521

Darcom – 521

The DARCOM-521 provides an intelligent and practical solution for sleeping quarters adapted to your needs. According to your requirements, this container can become ideal sleeping quarters for your workers assigned to remote regions. But the DARCOM-521 can also serve as a great hunting and fishing camper. Advanced concepts can be elaborated on the base model to meet your particular needs for a multifunctional space. The DARCOM-521 possesses a quality of manufacture and finishing that translates into excellent comfort and will constitute an added value to your business.

• An electrical panel
• 5 electric outlets
• 2 lightings
• Electric baseboard
• Steel door 34’’ x 80’’
• 2 Sash windows
• Walls and ceiling of vinyl covered lauan
• Floor of painted and varathaned plywood
• Cabinet unit with doors, shelf, and built-in counter
• Exterior lighting

• Security bars on door and windows
• Security lock
• Electrical panel compatible with generator
• Walls and ceiling of varnished pine panelling
• Coloured vinyl tiles
• Air conditioner
• Exterior outlet
• Fire extinguisher
• Beds
• Chest of drawers
• Compact freezer
• Sink
• Microwave
• Shelving
• Table and chairs